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Couching -  A process of finishing the top of the gourd using a variety of mediums such as pine needles, waxed linen, etc.

Dremel -  A power tool used to make a raised pattern on the gourd.

Haida and Inuit - Both are Pacific Northwest Native American tribes located from the upper Straits of Washington, Vancouver Canada and throughout Alaska.

Puyallup - The Puyallup River runs through Puyallup Washington.  Puyallup is also the homeland of the Puyallup Native American tribe.

More Glossary coming soon.


Turbocarver.com - ; For high speed carving products.
Located in Federal Way, WA.  Owner:  Gary Gillespie. 1-800-373-0707

Turners Retreat - Inlace gourd art supplies in the UK  (for my international Peeps)

Turtlefeathers.net - For art supplies

WAgourdsociety.org - For what's going on with Washington state gourding


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