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Local Art Fun

Hawaiian gourd drum-Hula instrument.
Ipu Heke ( EE-poo HEH-kay) is 2 gourds fitted together.

The 3 pictured here were made by Doug for his wife Luisa to use in her Hawaiian dance troop.
Of course he used Gunderson's Gourds.  Ipu Heke and GundersonGourds, words that go together.
Mahalo Doug and Luisa for sharing this picture with us .... EVERYBODY DANCE NOW........

"Spirit Drum" Camp was held this past summer, 2009, at the Tacoma Waldorf School with kindergarten teacher Daniel Mackinnon.  Kids aged 5 to 12 each made a beautiful  gourd drum like this one....Using a Gunderson Gourd of course.    Check out the school at www.tacomawaldorf.org  

The kids attending the Pacific NW sickle cell camp, held for the 17th year at Camp Burton on Washington's Vashon Island, create beautiful gourd art on Gunderson Gourds.  This is a week long camp for youngsters from 7-17 years of age with Sickle Cell Anemia.  The camp is staffed entirely with volunteers including the Doc's and Nurses.  Art projects director Kathleen Carpenter reports that the gourds art project was an awesome hit with the kids. 
Thank you kids for sharing your artwork with us.

Charlene, another happy Gunderson Gourd customer. She tells us that our gourds are really easy to clean. In addition to her many beautiful designs, Charlene creates outrageous gourd masks like the ones displayed. Notice the adornments of porcupine quills, duck and pheasant feathers. Very Nice...
This is Dick, a retired plumber who now enjoys his new hobby... gourd art with Gunderson Gourds. Featuring his swan and his 2 other original gourd creations... HE IS HAVING FUN... keep on gourding Dick...

This is Shirl, a friend of Gunderson Gourds. She started gourding two years ago and she loves it. We love her sweet birdhouses made from Gunderson Gourds. Is that birdhouse still for rent? It looks pretty cozy.

Shirl could be persuaded to sell her designer birdhouses for $28.00 each (that includes S&H) Limited supply. For info and ordering contact Cheryl@GundersonGourds.com or call
253-588-1425 during business hours 9-7 PDT

Monica uses Gunderson Gourds to create her most excellent Santas. They are exquisitely detailed and deserve to be displayed all year long. Monica makes it Christmas everyday of the year.
For more info contact Cheryl@GundersonGourds.com

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